Your Future On One Page (All Lessons)

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Lesson No.1 (calculation of core numbers)

Password: ttg

Lesson No.2 (How to form Loshu Grid)

Password: rpf

Lesson No. 3 (Impact of numbers with loshu grid)

Password: fdz

Lesson No. 4 (Loshu Grid Yogas)

Password: oft

Lesson No. 5 (winning a court case)

Password: jzu

Lesson No. 6 (characteristics of number 1)

Password: yty

Lesson No. 7 (characteristics of number 2)

Password: fjg

Lesson No. 8 (characteristics of number 3)

Password: dzs

Lesson No. 9 (characteristics of number 4)

Password: nbv

Lesson No. 10 (characteristics of number 5)

Password: lcf

Lesson No. 11 (characteristics of number 6)

Password: wpo

Lesson No. 12 (characteristics of number 7)

Password: oia

Lesson No.13 (characteristics of number 8 & 9)

Password: dli

Lesson No.14 (sum of all variation in one webinar)

Password: qme

Lesson No.15 (Vedic grid formation)

Password: nrh

Lesson No.16 (Numbers at glance1)

Password: hkk

Lesson No.17 (vedic grid combos)

Password: xbq

Lesson No.18 (Famous Person Chart Analysis)

Password: vhq

Lesson No.19 (Loshu Grid and Divorce Main part)

Password: vzb

Lesson No.20 (Sugar Jar Remedy)

Password: gek

Lesson No.21 (neha singh prediction)

Password: dkb

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